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Wyoming: A small Town Connected by Long Streets

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Wyoming Hunger Initiative was launched in 2019 with two tenants in mind: one, to never reinvent the wheel and two, to be in all twenty-three Wyoming counties. There are grassroots efforts in every Wyoming county dedicated to reducing hunger and combating food insecurity. Instead, Wyoming Hunger Initiative aims to increase awareness and support for the work of local anti-hunger organizations statewide.

Through the relationships that have been developed across the state specific to food insecurity, Wyoming Hunger Initiative has identified partners in every community. Thanks to a grant from the Hughes Charitable Foundation, Wyoming Hunger Initiative was able to host its second Regional Summit in northeast Wyoming earlier this fall to bring folks together who are working in this space.

The result? A whole lot of networking, sharing of resources, and collaboration that will lead northeast Wyoming forward together while also producing realistic action items that are already underway.

We kicked off the event by getting down to business taking a hard look at what we can do to improve and expand resources for anti-hunger organizations in northeast Wyoming. Together, with fourteen different agencies, we identified challenges, brainstormed solutions, and developed a list of realistic action items.

The following anti-hunger organizations were involved with the second Wyoming Hunger Initiative Regional Summit in northeast Wyoming.

  • Boys & Girls Club of Campbell County, Gillette

  • Blessings in a Backpack, Gillette

  • Bread of Life Food Pantry, Buffalo

  • Cent$ible Nutrition

  • Council of Community Services, Gillette

  • Crook County Council of Community Services, Sundance

  • Edible Prairie Project, Gillette

  • Food Bank of Wyoming

  • Salvation Army, Gillette

  • Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends, Buffalo

  • Lunch Together Soup Kitchen, Sheridan

  • Salvation Army, Sheridan

  • The Food Group, LLC, Sheridan

  • Wright Community Assistance, Wright

To conclude the day, the volunteer recognition celebration took place where anti-hunger organizations in northeast Wyoming nominated a volunteer from their organization to be recognized. Without the countless volunteers across the region, this work wouldn't be possible.

The following volunteers were recognized at this event:

  • Chris Anthes, Council of Community Services, Gillette

  • Kari Bergeman, Edible Prairie Project, Gillette

  • Rick Brus, Bread of Life Food Pantry, Buffalo

  • Ken Ferguson, Blessings in a Backpack, Gillette

  • Jennifer Heermann, The Food Group, Inc., Sheridan

  • Margie Ketterling, Gillette Salvation Army, Gillette

  • Sharon Miller, Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends, Buffalo

  • Jeanette Ray, Upton Food Bank, Upton

  • Danny Smith, Gillette Salvation Army, Gillette

  • Verna Swindle, Wright Community Assistance, Wright

It is safe to say that this group is "all in" when it comes to fighting food insecurity in Wyoming. We look forward to the continued collaboration and the work that will take place in the coming year thanks to the passion and commitment of these organizations.

Lastly, Wyoming Hunger Initiative team members and regional directors traveled to be part of this event. The passion that you see here is what drives the work that Wyoming Hunger Initiative has done and continues to do. Thank you for joining us!

Photo credit: Bauman Photo & Film


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