Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your industry. As mentioned in the letter, we are just beginning the creation of a program called Food from the Field, a program to get game meat into food banks or local food pantries throughout Wyoming. Your industry is a key component to the success of this program and your perspective and feedback is invaluable to shaping this effort.

There are many components to creating a statewide program and we realize there challenges we will need to solve to make the program successful. The questions in this survey were developed in an effort to identify those challenges and seek your feedback on solutions.

Thank you again,




Jennie Gordon, First Lady of Wyoming

Wyoming Meat Processors Survey
Would you be willing to store donated carcasses while they are tested for CWD and then process them for food banks/agencies in your area?
Would you need more freezer storage to participate in this project?
Does your facility have the capability to provide separate processing/storage for animals earmarked for Food from the Field?

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