Wyoming is an all-hands-on-deck kind of place. 

And our farms and ranches are in the fight. 

"The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer."

Facing the challenges of this year of increased need and increased uncertainty requires creative thinking. Now.

The ultimate goal of Food from the Farm + Ranch is to utilize Wyoming products to combat food insecurity. There is no better time to recognize Wyoming producers while meeting the increase in needs across the state. Ultimately, the end goal is to reach a point beyond COVID-19 where families and pantries can purchase meat from local producers instead of seeking an out-of-state supplier. Furthermore, while farmers and ranchers are supporting the food bank during this time through the donation of livestock and processing fees, the hope is that residents will support Wyoming producers now and in the future.


Being a producer myself, my initial vision for Wyoming Hunger Initiative was to encompass a component of agriculture that would be part of the solution to food insecurity in our state. I am beyond excited about the immediate partnership between so many entities working together to ensure longevity of Food from the Farm + Ranch.

With gratitude,

Jennie Gordon, First Lady of Wyoming

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Wyoming farmers and ranchers reached out to find out how they could help their struggling neighbors. Food from the Farm + Ranch is the beginning of that response: how Wyoming Hunger Initiative can facilitate utilizing Wyoming products to take care of Wyoming people. A partnership with Wyoming Stock Growers Association, Wyoming Department of Agriculture, and Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies ensures smooth delivery to food pantries statewide.

So far, fresh locally raised beef has been donated by generous ranchers:

  • L-T Livestock
  • Hellyer Limited Partnership
  • Rich & Kay Pingetzer
  • Jess & Tim Sullivan 
  • Padlock Ranch Company
  • Representative Aaron Clausen

  • Joe and Karen Rankin

  • Brace and Linda Rharmy

  • Andy and Kay Moore

  • Lee and Moriah Moore

  • Shawn and Lisa Daly

  • Shirley and Brad Churchill

  • Jay and Linda Butler

Processing fees have been covered by donors:
  • Jeff & Susan Sussman
  • Reg & Aline Phillips
  • Wyoming Department of Agriculture

Plans are in the works to develop Food from the Farm + Ranch to include a focus on Farm-to-Table, gardening and sustainable local food supply, and food rescue programs.

It's truly a testament to the spirit of Wyoming to see partnerships develop to eradicate food insecurity!

If you're rancher interested in donating beef to Food from the Farm + Ranch, contact Wyoming Stock Growers Association for details of how to participate!


Join forces with us—we need your help.

Change only happens when we join together to make a difference in our communities. Stay informed, get involved, and help raise awareness about food insecurity in Wyoming.

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