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Johnson Jr High Cheyenne lunch staff

We love Wyoming solutions.

We can end hunger in Wyoming, together.

Wishing away hunger in Wyoming simply won't work.
That's why we believe in concrete action.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative Grants provide funding for anti-hunger nonprofits to innovate! Sometimes the best project is the one just out of reach, and we hope to provide the means to help a great idea come to life. Innovative thinking that makes a difference—that's what enables long-term impact.

Food from the Field logo

Food from the Field is a partnership between Wyoming Hunger Initiative, game processors, Wyoming Game & Fish Department, and the Wyoming Department of Agriculture to streamline donation of game meat to food pantries statewide.

Food from the Farm logo.png

Food from the Farm + Ranch works to keep locally grown protein and produce in local communities where it can make the most significant impact on food insecurity. Through a wide variety of partnerships committed to solving hunger, we know this strategy works.

Wyoming Angel Accounts logo

40% of school districts in Wyoming report that the problem of school lunch debt is growing. Corporate investments in and private donations to Wyoming Angel Accounts will be help turn the tide so children can focus on learning, not debt. When dignity replaces shame, the narrative about debt changes.

WHIHCC stacked.png

Wyoming Hunger Initiative's Hunger Champions are a team of dedicated ambassadors who serve as catalysts in our ongoing mission to end food insecurity in Wyoming. The financial commitment required to join the Hunger Champions Circle provides ongoing support for our mission by funding infrastucture grants.

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