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Gardening tools over soil

Not all superheroes wear capes.

Some carry gardening tools.
“If you've never experienced the joy of accomplishing
more than you can imagine, plant a garden.”

Calling all Wyoming gardeners:

We need your green thumbs to fight food insecurity.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative, the University of Wyoming Cent$ible Nutrition Program, and Master Gardener program invite you to join the fight against food insecurity in Wyoming this season! When you commit to Grow a Little Extra for local food pantries or social service agencies, everyone benefits. Pick up (free!) seeds selected for Wyoming gardens at your local UW Extension office or donate your own favorite crop—either way, you’ll be an anti-hunger warrior with two green thumbs as you help your neighbors in need!

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

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Set aside space in your garden (or establish a new community garden!)

to grow fresh produce for local food pantries and agencies.

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Take good care of your garden all summer.

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Deliver your extra produce to the local UW Extension office in your county for weighing and distribution!

Share photos of your adventures in gardening and tag them #307growextra!

Grow a Little Extra Seed Packet
Grow a Little Extra Seed Packet
Grow a Little Extra Seed Packet
Grow a Little Extra Seed Packet
Grow a Little Extra Seed Packet
Grow a Little Extra Seed Packet

Grow a Little Extra Resources


Cent$ible Nutrition Program Educators are University of Wyoming Extension employees who serve their local communities by teaching nutrition and cooking skills to help individuals with limited resources eat healthy on a budget, increase their access to fresh produce, as well as by working with local partners on projects that help increase access to nutritious foods. Your local Cent$ible Nutrition Program educator will work with you to weigh your produce donation and match it to a local agency for distribution.


Meet your local educator here! They're excited to answer any and all questions about Grow a Little Extra, so give them a call!


University of Wyoming Extension's Master Gardener program shares horticulture resources, promotes backyard gardens and community gardens, and educates backyard gardeners and specialty crop producers throughout Wyoming. They are an excellent resource for questions, support, and even to round up volunteers to help in community gardens. Your local Extension office can help you connect.


Six varieties of seeds selected for their ability to grow in Wyoming's climate are available to Grow a Little Extra gardeners free of charge! Just visit your local University of Wyoming Extension office to pick them up. Not sure where your local office is? You can search the listing right here.

When you're ready to plant, take the guesswork out of growing with these helpful instructions for each selected variety.

Download the Grow a Little Extra seed growing instructions


Check out this ultimate guide for growing vegetables in Wyoming, provided by University of Wyoming Extension Horticulture Specialist, Karen Panter.

Download the Growing Vegetables in Wyoming bulletin

It isn't as tricky as you might think to get a head start on your garden by beginning indoors. Learn useful tips and tricks you can use now.

Download the Starting Plants from Seed Indoors bulletin

Your local Extension office is eager to help answer any questions gardeners might have about best practices! In addition to the print guides available, don't miss these instructional videos on YouTube to learn more.

  • YouTube
  • YouTube
  • YouTube
  • YouTube

Barnyards and Backyards Live:

Soils for Successful Vegetable Gardens

Barnyards and Backyards Live:

Transplanting Vegetable Plants Into the Garden

Barnyards and Backyards Live:

Successfully Watering Your Garden

Barnyards and Backyards Live:

Extending the Growing Season for Vegetables


In 1996, Congress passed the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act to address liability-related barriers challenges to food recovery and donation efforts. The Act “establish[es] a uniform national law to protect organizations and individuals when they donate goods in good faith” for the purpose of “encourag[ing] and enabl[ing] restaurants, grocers, and other donors to feed the hungry.” And, it's what enables programs like Grow a Little Extra to exist!

Download the full text of the Bill Emerson Act


Any organization within the state of Wyoming whose mission aligns with the mission of the Wyoming Hunger Initiative and who are committed to increasing the amount of local produce donated to individuals, food pantries, and social service agencies around the state is invited to apply for a Grow a Little Extra grant to assist in participation in the program. For the 2022 cycle, individual grants were awarded up to $1,000 per organization. Check back in 2023 for a new round of grants!

GALE app

Please contact your local Cent$ible Nutrition Program educator to weigh your donation and to learn about agencies who are accepting produce donations!

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