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86,000 Wyoming residents
struggle with food insecurity.

That's not OK with us.

Bar graph representing food insecurity research


Food insecurity affects 12 million children in the U.S. and about 23,500 children right here in Wyoming. Research has shown that children who suffer from food insecurity—even once in their lifetime—demonstrate poorer overall health 10-15 years later. In addition to health outcomes, food insecurity has an impact on academic achievement, graduation rates, and economic well-being. Wyoming Hunger Initiative knows that childhood hunger is a problem that can be solved, but it must first be understood.

hands representing unity in fight against food insecurity in Wyoming


From Casper's Food for Thought Project to Laramie County's Friday Food Bag Foundation and scores of grassroots efforts in between, there is no question that Wyoming residents are committed to fighting hunger every day. Wyoming Hunger Initiative seeks to build greater awareness and increase collaboration and participation in the fight against childhood hunger; we envision a day where no Wyoming child experiences food insecurity and the barriers it brings. We are uniquely positioned to affect significant change as an advocate and clearinghouse for existing programs.

Light bulb representing innovative thinking to solve food insecurity in Wyoming


Wyoming Hunger Initiative is in it to solve it, and that's why we're constantly working to brainstorm and strategize ideas that won't just provide a temporary fix to food insecurity but create lasting solutions to reduce hunger over time. We also know that food insecurity in Wyoming will be solved most effectively when implementing Wyoming solutions, which is why we've developed innovative partnerships to create programs that utilize Wyoming grown and raised resources like game, beef, pork, and produce, as well as our most important resource of all: the Wyoming spirit we share to care for our neighbors in need. 

No one in Wyoming
should ever face
the day hungry.

Long before I became the First Lady, I learned from a friend about children in Sheridan County  who struggled with food insecurity. I've never forgotten about those children, and have made it a priority to work toward a future where hunger no longer exists in our state—for anyone, at any age.

I hope you'll join me: with your time, your generosity, and your innovative thinking. Together we can end hunger in Wyoming.


First Lady Jennie Gordon
Kitchen - fresh colorful organic vegetables captured from above (top view, flat lay). Grey


Change only happens when we join together to make a difference in our communities.
Stay informed, get involved, and help raise awareness about food insecurity in Wyoming.
Together, we can end hunger in Wyoming.

Thank you for being part of the solution!

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