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86,000 Wyoming residents
struggle with food insecurity.

That's not OK with us.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative Grants logo

Wyoming Hunger Initiative Grants provide funding for anti-hunger nonprofits to innovate! Innovative thinking that makes a difference—that's what enables long-term impact. 

Food from the Field logo

Food from the Field is a partnership to streamline donation of game meat to food pantries statewide.

Food from the Farm + Ranch logo

Food from the Farm + Ranch works to keep locally grown protein and produce in local communities where it can make the most significant impact on food insecurity. 

Wyoming Angel Accounts logo

Most of the school districts in Wyoming report that the problem of school meal debt is growing. Donations will help turn the tide so children can focus on learning, not debt. 

No one in Wyoming should ever face the day hungry.

With your time, your generosity, and your innovative thinking. Together we can end hunger in Wyoming.

Kitchen - fresh colorful organic vegetables captured from above (top view, flat lay). Grey


Change only happens when we join together to make a difference in our communities.
Stay informed, get involved, and help raise awareness about food insecurity in Wyoming.
Together, we can end hunger in Wyoming.

Thank you for being part of the solution!

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