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Wyoming pronghorn

Be part of a Wyoming solution
to a Wyoming challenge.

We can end hunger in Wyoming, together.

Your time, your generosity, and your innovative thinking will make all the difference. Thank you.


Your donation to Food from the Field supports a sustainable solution to hunger in Wyoming.

Your gift makes a difference in supporting our mission to prevent food insecurity by increasing awareness and support for the work of local anti-hunger organizations statewide. Providing a source of high-protein, low-fat meat to food pantries statewide will help nourish those who need it most.

Money raised by Wyoming Hunger Initiative's Food from the Field program will cover the processing cost of game by Wyoming's processors, as well as providing funds to expand the capacity to participate with additional equipment such as freezers and refrigerated trucks.

We also welcome donations with a personal check or money order by mail.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative

c/o Wyoming Governors Residence Foundation

5001 Central Ave.

Cheyenne, WY 82009

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