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Like seeds, partnerships must be nourished

We can end hunger in Wyoming, together.

Your time, your generosity, and your innovative thinking will make all the difference. Thank you.


Your donation to Grow A Little Extra supports a sustainable solution to hunger in Wyoming.

You don't need special training in fighting food insecurity to make a difference. You only need to identify a need and figure out how best to help fill it.  Wyoming Hunger Initiative, the University of Wyoming Cent$ible Nutrition Program, and Master Gardener program invite you to join the fight against food insecurity in Wyoming this season! When you commit to Grow A Little Extra for local anti-hunger organizations, everyone benefits. Increased access to fresh produce in Wyoming is a critical tool in the fight against food insecurity. Grow A Little Extra is helping to remove existing barriers one vegetable at a time.


Your contributions to this program cover a variety of expenses to include free seeds for every University of Wyoming Extension office and infrastructure grants for anti-hunger organizations looking to Grow A Little Extra. Every dollar makes a significant impact in what we can accomplish when we all work together. We also welcome donations with a personal check or money order by mail.

We also welcome donations with a personal check or money order by mail.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative

c/o Wyoming Governors Residence Foundation

5001 Central Ave.

Cheyenne, WY 82009

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