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Guest Post: Beef on a Budget with Wyoming Beef Council

Who knew one of most difficult challenges of the new decade would be to simply stay home?  

With so many people staying home, learning at home, working at home, and of course cooking at home, we (the Wyoming Beef Council) thought it would be the perfect time to share a project we worked on back in February: First Lady Gordon demonstrating some simple, family and budget-friendly meal plans! She graciously invited us into her kitchen at the Governor’s Residence, pulled her hair into a get ‘er done ponytail, and helped us slice, dice, and stir-fry our way to recipe video success! The results feature three meal plans that feed a family of five for under $20!

First Lady Gordon and her Wyoming Hunger Initiative have clearly stated that food insecurity in Wyoming is “not okay.” Wyoming’s farmers and ranchers wholeheartedly agree.  Sometimes beef is overlooked by those on a tight budget, but there are many affordable options that ensure hungry families can be nourished by beef’s delicious taste and nutrition profiles.

When coming up with affordable meal plans, we made sure the price of $20 included all ingredients needed for a balanced meal, and yielded sizable portions for five people.  Here’s what we came up with!

Watch all three videos on Wyoming Beef Council's YouTube Channel:

Best of all, kids can help prepare these easy meals, (and even enjoy eating them!) One of Cheyenne’s elementary students makes a guest appearance and helps the First Lady prepare Green Chili Soup. “This meal is shared with you by a first grader, the First Lady, and Wyoming’s Beef Community,” he enthuses!

Food insecurity affects 12 million children in the U.S. and about 23,500 children in Wyoming.  It is our hope that by sharing simple, inexpensive, nutritious meal plans, we can help in even a small way. The videos are available on the Wyoming Beef Council YouTube channel.

It’s been an honor to work with the First Lady on this project. She’s an amazing beef advocate, as well as one of our state’s hard-working ranchers, and her passion for addressing food insecurity in Wyoming is truly inspiring! The beef industry embraces her efforts and wants to help.


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