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Happy Anniversary!

It is with deep gratitude that I wish Wyoming Hunger Initiative an official "happy anniversary" today! When I launched my Initiative last October, I had a very specific goal in mind: to do whatever I could to support anti-hunger nonprofit organizations working tirelessly throughout the state. While this goal hasn't changed, the scope of Wyoming Hunger Initiative has grown in ways no one could have imagined in October 2019. I've often joked with my team in the past year that it feels like we've been building a car as it drives down the road (and some days, the Autobahn!) but we know that together, we are making tremendous strides in the fight against food insecurity in Wyoming.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative has no plans to slow down in its second year. We will continue to show up and meet the challenges of unsettled times with creativity, innovation, and dignity. We take our partnerships very seriously, and we look forward to brainstorming more Wyoming solutions to the challenges that face so many of our neighbors. Taking care of our neighbors is who we are in Wyoming, and we encourage everyone to learn more about the efforts to combat food insecurity happening in every community across the state.

Thank you for all you have done to support Wyoming Hunger Initiative in its first year.

With gratitude,

Jennie Gordon

First Lady of Wyoming

Wyoming Hunger Initiative is the official initiative of Wyoming’s First Lady Jennie Gordon and is governed by the Board of Directors of the Wyoming Governor’s Residence Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


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