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The Hunger Champions Circle has one heart, one mission, one goal.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative's Hunger Champions are a team of dedicated ambassadors who serve as catalysts in our ongoing mission to end food insecurity in Wyoming. The financial commitment required to join the Hunger Champions Circle provides ongoing support for our mission by funding infrastructure grants; the power of even a small amount of funding to exponentially grow a nonprofit's mission and reach is a powerful testament to the good that can be done when we come together to tackle challenges.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative hosted the annual Hunger Champions Circle appreciation event on Labor Day weekend with dinner on Friday night at the Governor's Residence and a Cowboy Football game on Saturday. When like-minded folks get together, there is no telling what the future will hold when it comes to food insecurity in Wyoming.

For the third year, Wyoming Hunger Initiative partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming and Ridley's Family Markets to Tackle Hunger at the Wyoming Cowboy Football opening game against Texas Tech. Wyoming stepped up and for the first time, we sold out of the pre-made bags of food that Ridley's prepared thanks to the generosity of so many. Those meals were distributed to local anti-hunger organizations to continue the fight against food insecurity in Wyoming. What's more is that BCBSWY committed to donating $1 for every pound of food donated at the game to Wyoming Hunger Initiative.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative is committed to sustainable solutions to hunger, and our infrastructure grants continue to be one of the most effective tools to achieve this goal. We awarded $193,812 in FY2023 to 54 recipients. This money is organization-changing because it provides the gift of time and efficiency for organizations to stretch their ability to fulfill their mission statements and serve patrons with better and more innovative approaches - based on what those organizations need most.

This funding was made possible because of our Hunger Champions, the Hughes Charitable Foundation, and the many generous contributions from individuals purchasing $5 hearts to display in our annual #heartsforhunger campaign. It's amazing what we can achieve when we come together to solve problems.

Wyoming Together is not just an insurance company's catchy slogan. When BCBSWY claims they're committed to the well-being of everyone in Wyoming, they mean it—Wyoming Hunger Initiative has always invited individuals and organizations to fight food insecurity with their time, their resources, and their innovative thinking; BCBSWY has delivered in big ways on all three counts. For that we are so grateful.

This is Wyoming Together.

A circle is strong, and there's always room for more. We believe deeply in Wyoming solutions to Wyoming challenges. To learn more about Wyoming Hunger Initiative Hunger Champions and to view a list of current Hunger Champions, click here.


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